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Meet Jamie Stachowski

Methods of preserving meats by curing and smoking, sausage making, and other crafts of butchering are common in many Eastern European cultures and Jamie Stachowski’s family is no exception. A native of Buffalo, Stachowski draws on a rich tradition in practicing this craft, also known as charcuterie.

Stachowski began his career as a chef, having apprenticed with some of the best European chefs in his youth, acquiring a classic training in techniques and flavor profiles. Since 1984, he has made his home in Washington D.C. where he has built a reputation as an inventive but classically grounded chef. Critics enjoyed his ‘brashly idiosyncratic’ ‘poetry on a plate.’

In the early 2000’s, he owned and operated Restaurant Kolumbia where he first garnered attention for ‘The Butcher Board,’ an array of handcrafted galantines, pates, cured fresh, and smoked sausages served on a butcher block. The invention, style, classicism, and deliciousness of his cooking style found equal expression in his charcuterie.

From that time, Stachowski has developed a charcuterie business patronized by chefs, wine shops, specialty groceries and now featured in several local farmer’s markets. You will love it as soon as you taste it!

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Meet Josef Stachowski

Josef Stachowski runs the day to day operations of the factory located in District Heights MD.

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Meet Carolyn Stachowski

Carolyn Stachowski oversees the marketing and sales of Stachowski Brand and assists with strategy and growth. Her time is shared with the Stachowski Market in Georgetown and running a volunteer program that teaches meditation to incarcerated people.

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Meet Cindy Stachowski

Cindy Stachowski joined her brother Jamie in family business in the summer of 2015. She divides her time between sales, fiscal management, and logistics and infuses great enthusiasm into everything she does.

Cindy brings to the family business vast experience in business management. She has been employed by several organizations as Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer and has been involved in program development, fiscal and staff management, strategic planning, marketing and public relations.

Cindy holds degrees in business management, forest technology and natural resource management from Hilbert College, NY and Syracuse University, NY and is a native of Java, NY. She has been a consultant to numerous nonprofit organizations nationwide in organizational management and fundraising, founded two nonprofits and severed on several local and national boards..

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