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A family owned business since 2009.
We offer a wide variety of handcrafted gourmet fresh sausages, cured meats, a wide assortment of gallantines, pâtes, terrines and meats of the highest quality.
Serving the greater Washington DC area.

  • At age 7, Chef Jamie Stachowski sets sail on what would become a true culinary adventure.

  • Stachowski began his career as a chef, having apprenticed with some of the best expat European chefs in the country, acquiring a classic training in techniques and flavor profiles.

  • 'Josef came along in 1988 pictured here five years later applying his discerning palate to the job at hand. By 11, Josef was with his dad, washing dishes, grilling squid, checking coats, and anything else that needed doing.

  • Chef Jamie Stachowski opens (with his wife Carolyn Stachowski) Restaurant Kolumbia where he first garnered attention for ‘The Butcher Board,’ an array of handcrafted galantines, pates, cured, fresh, and smoked sausages served on a butcher block. The invention, style, classicism, and deliciousness of his cooking style found equal expression in his charcuterie.

  • Stachowski Market is born. "A small shelf of artisanal sauces, spices, coffees and more sat up against one wall, and in the center stood a shelf stocked with a veritable cornucopia of fresh, seasonal produce. The scarred wooden floor and lone table surrounded by a few creaky chairs made for a homey feel, and an indescribably awesome aroma of smoked meat quickly saturated my clothing. But the crowning visual jewel was the seemingly endless palette of meats and charcuterie". - Charlie at Spoon University Georgtown

  • Official opening of Stachowski Brand Charcuterie (SBC) in District Heights, Maryland.. SBC offers a wide variety of handcrafted gourmet fresh and cured sausages (over 20 varieties), a wide assortment of gallantines, pâtes, terrines and meats of the highest quality.

For wholesale and other inquires please contact us at 703-624-3790 or through the form below.


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